Uboard India | Hoverboard repair/maintenance Center, Shop Store in Delhi


GSC Electronics is the only authorized repair centre for Hoverboards in North India. We have used this basic infrastructure to provide full service and maintenance support for our Uboard self-balancing scooters. In addition to repairing all brands of self-balancing scooters, we maintain full inventory of spares for Uboard and can guarantee expert repairs within the shortest period. Our repair centre is staffed by experienced engineers and technicians. In most cases the turnaround time is 48 hours or less. You can send the Uboard to us, freight prepaid, for repairs or walk into our service centre and get your Uboard repaired the next day.We believe in quality services and customer satisfaction. We use only genuine, OEM spares for repairs, assuring faultless performance after repairs backed by our guarantee. Located in India with an established presence, we assure full support and you can buy and use Uboard knowing we are always here to provide repair services.

Toll Free No : 1800-843-2828


If you did not purchase you’re board from us, We can still fix it for you at a flat rate No matter what is wrong with the board, if unable to repair no charge. Just pay for shipping!


There have been plenty of complaints about cheaper boards exploding due to low quality batteries.We use only the best Samsung/LG batteries. We use open batteries that are housed in a cabinet with plenty of ventilation to allow proper cooling. In addition, there are safety features that detect over temperature and shut down the circuit. With air cooling, the battery remains cool and there is no danger of fire or explosion. The high capacity battery and hybrid motor in the Hybrid model has a sports mode that allows users to increase forward speed even while remaining in control of steering.You can dodge pedestrians and stationary objects with ease and the battery provides sufficient power for bursts of speed. The battery is equipped with a UL charger and a suitable control device to regulate discharge and prevent short circuit damage. We use only certified, high quality, authentic Samsung/LG batteries for absolute safety.


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