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Hybrid 8

The Hybrid 10 the ultimate off-roader that moves over grass, gravel, speed breakers and the toughest roads with ease. The Hybrid 10 travels at a speed of 16km/hr with the highest ground clearance.

Key features

Ground clearance 8 inches
Battery 336V 4400 mAh (Samsung Li-ion Air-cooled battery)
Travel time 15kms on a single full charge
Gyroscopes Two 3D gyroscope and accelerometers
LED illumination Yes
Bluetooth speakers One
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Safety Measures

Self-balancing scooters with shoddy mechanical parts and unreliable electronics have resulted in complaints about safety of these devices. However, we have taken into consideration all factors, electrical, electronic and mechanical and have made the Uboard as safe as possible for everyday use. Some of the safety features include:

Salient Features

Hybrid models incorporate a number of sophisticated features not found on cheaper self-balancing scooters:

Sports Mode

Activate the sports mode to increase the motor output for an extra boost

Water Resistant Design

The all new Uboard 3.0 comes equipped with a water resistant body; dirt or gravel—it conquers all.

Suredrive+ Technology

Enhanced and unmatched control for riding with ease like never before

Turning Compensation

Real-time monitoring of motor speed, in sync with gyroscopes to enhance accuracy while turning

Power Level Inicator

Accurate battery level Indicator

Body Posture Stability

Two 3D gyroscopes, two accelerometers to keep you stable

Kinetic Energy Recovery

The kinetic energy recovery system generates power during downhill braking, effectively increasing your mileage.

Hybrid Motor

Strong yet less power-consuming to give you best of both worlds

Battery Management System

Automatic detection of battery temperature & heat sensors to cut down power in case of overheating

LG Batteries

Top quality Batteries made by LG, inner cell used is LG LI-ION 18650

Led Illumination

Built-in LED lights for safer use of the Uboard at night

Robust Design

Robust design to withstand daily wear & tear

Innovative Features

  • The Uboard features rugged mechanicals for durability, stability and performance on any surface with its air-filled tyres and anti-skid treads
  • Suredrive+ CPU-based intelligent control and monitoring system to detect loss of steering control and automatically compensate as well as apply brakes
  • Total battery management for longer life and enhanced performance
  • Kinetic energy recovery provides regenerative braking and generates power to increase mileage.
  • Water-resistant design for usage during rains
  • Body posture stability through dual accelerometers and 3D gyroscopes coupled to a CPU and motor.
  • Easy, intuitive and safe to use for new riders

Build With Premium Materials


Precision processing is required to make a compact and lightweight vehicle solid and durable. That is why the Uboard is built with a super-light and strong magnesium alloy frame based on aviation standards, which allows the 0.6 kg frame to support higher static loads.
Magnesium alloy is flexible and provides better heat dispersion and shock absorption performance than aluminum alloy. Additionally, the surface is cooled with a special corrosion-resistance material that has passed the salt spray test, keeping the Uboard protected from wear and tear.


The UBOARD combines decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver the ultimate hands-free, self-balancing scooter. With its enhanced safety features and high-performance system, the UBOARD is a durable powerhouse suited for casual rides and adventure-seekers alike. Get ready to experience personal mobility like never before.



Portability and durability are essential to the UBOARD design. Because the frame is built from a superlight, durable magnesium alloy, the UBOARD weighs in at a mere 28 lbs (12.7kg). This makes it lightweight and compact enough to be carried, stored and transported with ease.


The UBOARD has been designed with ergonomic engineering in mind. Its knee-control bar pads maximise comfort and flexibility for smooth turning and maneouvering. The PU foam ensures comfortable and fatigue-free rides on the UBOARD.

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