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Explorer XL

The Explorer XL is cut above the Explorer Mini, with larger tyres and double the power. With the capacity for more than 2 times the riding distance than the Mini, the Explorer XL can carry upto 120 kg in weight. Its adjustable, padded handlebars make scooting comfortable and easy.

Key features

Ground clearance 19 inch
Battery Rechargeable li-ion
Charging time 6 hr
Travel distance Upto 30km on single charge
Max. speed 25kmph
Gyroscopes Yes, with on/off option
LED illumination Yes

improved battery management system

Safety Measures

  • As a beginner, seek help (e.g., support from a friend) to find your balance on the Explorer.
  • Be extra cautious when mounting and dismounting the Explorer
  • Avoid practicing in busy areas where there is traffic. Choose an area with lots of open space.
  • Helmets are mandatory for riders under the age of 15 and recommended for adult users. Top up with wrist, elbow and knee guards for extra safety.
  • We discourage riding on public roads.

Under the hood

The Explorer comes with a high-quality lithium ion battery from Samsung and is powered by Suredrive+ technology. The scooter can ride up hills with an incline of up to 30 degrees. Its auto-balancing gyro helps keep balance as the Explorer senses how the user’s weight is distributed. This allows for easy forward and backward movement and up to 350 degrees turns. In-built LED-lamps in the front light up automatically as you begin to cruise on the Explorer.

The Explorer’s handles are padded for extra comfort and the handlebar can be raised from 80-120 cm for comfortable, secure riding. Big tyres with air-filled tubes allow the user to travel on a variety of surfaces.

Cool factor

The Explorer’s gyro can be switched on while you’re pulling the scooter behind you instead of riding it. Just flick on the gyro lightning switch, hold on to the handlebars and watch your Explorer follow you like an obedient puppy. But don’t forget to keep a grip on the handlebars, otherwise you risk the Explorer rolling away by itself.

The Explorer key

The Explorer comes with a customised key, which starts and unlocks your scooter. Press the button once, then unlock by pressing the unlock symbol.

  • Locks the Explorer. Will not work if you are standing on the Explorer
  • Unlocks your Explorer after pressing Start. Can even be used to lock the Explorer
  • Lets out a honk. Can be used while riding and after dismounting
  • On-/off button for the gyro. To be used when not standing on the Explorer. This helps to transport the Explorer between rides

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